The site has been designed to be as accessible to as many people as possible. If you have a problem viewing any of the pages, or navigating the site, then please get in touch with webmail Richard Keasley.

Access keys

The access keys are derived from the UK government access keys. They should work from all pages.

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You can read more about Access keys in browsers (including how to use them in your browser) on Wikipedia.

Printing pages

A separate style sheet has been included for printing. All pages are printer friendly 'as they are', unnecessary graphics and so on will not be sent to the printer.

Hand-held browsing

Hand-held devices (e.g. mobile phones) should be able to browse all pages within the site. However, mobiles often struggle with the interactive elements (e.g. the maps). I do rely on our feedback here; if you find a page which is not viewable on your mobile, then tell me!

Style sheets

All colours and styles have been specified in external style sheets. Viewers are welcome to use their own style sheets if they wish to change the colour scheme.