There are many gymnastics disciplines. Most of them are available at a club somewhere within the county. Click the link that interests you to find out more!

This discipline is where most gymnasts will gain their first experience of the sport. Participation is for those who enjoy gymnastics, but, either do not wish to compete or only wish to compete at the lower levels.

This discipline helps toddlers to develop both confidence and agility while experimenting and having fun on the apparatus.

Gymnastics is for all ages. Many adults participate in the sport for many reasons. Some of them used to be gymnasts and wish to keep their hand in, some want to know what it is their children are doing, and others see it as a fun way to keep fit.

Disability Gymnastics involves the coach adapting gymnastics skills to ensure that disabled people can fully access gymnastics and are enabled to take part at the level of their choice.

Free running or Parkour

Acrobats compete as pairs or in groups, and they perform balances and flighted elements with each other, combined with individual skills to make up a routine to music.

Cheerleading is an athletic discipline practised worldwide and incorporating jumps, dance, tumbling, stunts, cheers and chants under the 3 distinct activities: Cheerleading, Cheer Dance and Pom Dance.

Rhythmic gymnasts use hand apparatus to perform floor routines to music. They compete as individuals, in pairs or in groups, using clubs, hoops, balls, ribbons and rope.

This can be done as an individual or as a pair for synchronised bouncing!

Double Mini-Trampoline competitions comprise 4 passes with 2 elements in each pass. A pass on the Double Mini-Trampoline is characterised by high, continuous rhythmic feet to feet rotational jumping elements, without hesitation or intermediate straight bounces.

Tumbling competitions consist of three passes along a long tumble track, where a series of somersaults are combined in to one explosive movement.

Team gym is a fairly new sport in which the gymnasts perform a floor routine to music, while incorporating the trampette, a series of tumbles and the trampette and vault combined.

The Men's Artistic discipline uses the six pieces of equipment;- floor, pommels, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar.

The Women's Artistic discipline uses the four pieces of equipment;- vault, uneven bars, beam and floor.

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